Our Services

FM Technology Group

is the industry leader in providing RRU/antenna installation, integration and commissioning with International exposure.

We are experts in various protocols like LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi and LMR. Our specialty can add speed in your business. From the first ever call on GSM to the first call on LTE we proudly operate upfront.

Vast experience in cable installation of fiber optics, especially in underground that presents difficult challenges. Our expert services help you to overcome all the challenges and we perform hexagonal perforation for these as and when required.

We provide RF network planning and implementation. Our network optimization services ensure fewer dropped calls, seamless transition between cells and better data speed. With a view to handling the explosion in data traffic we start by layering your network in pre-defined order thus controlling radio access as well as core network performance.

We manage both large-scale and small-scale programs in comprehensive manner and up to the standard.
We turn your projects into success stories. From initial conceptual planning to complete integration we are all the way through with you.

We offer proper installation, efficient operation and 24/7 maintenance of critical infrastructure.

FM Technology Group specializes in system integration with a focus on IP-based technologies and communication.

Our Services are:

Anntenna Installation


We offer a wide range of antenna installation services with over a decade of industry experience.

Expert in Various Protocols


Telecommunications is a vast field and it embodies multiple protocols in order to facilitate the process of data exchange.

Cable Installations


Network cabling is one of those aspects that are transparent yet critical to the operations of most businesses.

Network Implementation


Our energy efficient network implementation procedure will aid you to build, expand or modernize a network along with sustainability and with evolving technology.

Maintenance Services


In the quest of capitalizing on network opportunities downtime is considerable drawback.

High Standard Programs


Global standards are fundamental to ubiquitous connectivity. We focus on creating globally accepted high standard programs that ensure round the clock interoperability.