Our Clients

Nokia-Siemens Network

By working closely with our clients we believe that we can achieve more. We create a joint platform by integrating all key strengths in order to address new opportunities. We are powered-Together.

We did this for Nokia Siemens Network and the project location was Dallas/Irving Texas. By employing the latest technologies we leverage right-fit tool and procedures to support the entire RAN value stream, modernization as well as transformation.

Why they trust us

Nokia-Siemens Network is definitely a leading global hardware and software service provider. Working with them is a great pride and challenge at the same time. We have skilled engineers with deep technical expertise in delivering complex projects as a service. Moreover, we offer smooth evolution in order to extend the lifespan of a network and flexible networking to ensure speeding up RAN modernization.


With more and more people using smart devices and preferring data-hungry services like video streaming, network need to evolve accordingly. Speed and quality are the prime demand for the internet users. Our LTE modernization services will ensure these on time and on budget.

FMTG worked at Indianapolis and Kentucky for AT&T in LTE modernization along with UMTS projects. Total installation of Ray Cap associated with required cabling and fiber management tray, we further installed one GPS antenna with necessary coax. Besides, we have installed six UMTS antennas along with mounting brackets, tower mounted amplifiers and microwave alignment.

Why they trust us

We are one of the leading Security services providers that will keep end-user services secure. Moreover our Full Network Planning and Optimization LTE service offers everything you may need when moving to LTD modernization like reframing, transport, planning and optimization. We help business to optimize it’s spend on the existing network while recommending the best way to upgrade IP, Mobile Backhaul & Spectrun utilization. At the same time we help companies in upgrading from GSM/3G to HSPA+to LTE seamlessly.


In case of network modernization network O&M, investment in equipment and network profitability are tied in harmony. We are driven by an upsurge in mobile network modernization all across the world along with diverse base stations well as flexible networking that economize on material resources and manpower.

Why they trust us

FMTG Ran business solutions to ensure IP connectivity with carrier grade standard.  Our services extends all the way to radio base station, offering the lowest cost and delivering the best quality that ensures efficiency for new and existing network as well. Through collaboration with leading operators we have gained rich experience along with enhanced capabilities in engineering, logistics as well as network optimization.


As a result of our continuous success more and more telecommunication giants are willing to take our services. Claro is one of those and we are about to start our project to Claro with our skilled Human Resources, superior logistics and greater customer service.