Company Profile

About the Company

FM Technology Group, LLC. founded in 2012 is a globally-leading provider of management and implementation services for mobile telecom network. With a global presence FMTG has its roots in San Juan, Puerto Rico and takes the lead in innovative technology along with delivering superior business solutions.

FMTG can assist clients from project management all the way to turnkey deliveries. Our global experts create the world’s most efficient mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize the value and the platform to make it all work synchronously.

Innovation is our core value to make you successful. We never hesitate to share our expertise and thrive on the latest technology; all at a compatible price manner. Now you are ready to do more than ever before.

With an unswerving focus on efficiency and reliability we connect all the universal contents effectively while meeting your business needs. Through the transformation of mobile network we see your challenges as your opportunities. We offer services that will help drive your success while going hand in hand.

Our Commitment

We believe partnering creates innovation as well as enables new business opportunities. Whether engaging with partners to address new market segment, strengthen customer service or build joint solutions, these are the reflections of our combine leading technology, capabilities and expertise to coincide with other industry leaders.

FM Technology Group is a very famous and technologically sound firm. Being a business with a solid financial base FM is the industry leader in Caribbean and world market.

Working together we address customer needs, identify new opportunities and dare to take on projects that are untouched or unrevealed yet. Moreover, as a duo we complement each other, differentiate our offerings and set an exemplary standard in areas like IP connectivity and network security. has enabled us to make a wide range of customer differentiation and we are in a position to serve them with only the best services.

We strongly believe that satisfied customers are our baseline to evolve further. In essence, we create a complete team of experience and expertise.